Why Forever Gold?

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Peter, has worked as a deejay and music director nearly his whole life for Dutch radio, starting first with selling records in his fathers record-store in a place near Amsterdam, the capital city of The Netherlands when he was 16 years old. He started as a local deejay with the pseudonym Peter Gold. He discovered and developed his radio-voicetalent. But in the early 80’s, deejaying was his dream and he won a deejay competition. He started with presenting radio programs for Dutch National radio and was ‘struggling’ a bit with the programs which were compiled by colleagues and asked to do it by himself. From that day on, the programs for NCRV Radio become more popular and he was asked to come over to a new Dutch commercial radio station Radio 10 to present and to compile the music for a Gold format. In 1988 he started with a professional scheduling program and became a pro. In his 25 year radio career Peter became one of the best music directors in The Netherlands.


In 2022 Peter thought it would be a great idea to ‘serve the world’ with the greatest radio hits of all time on 1 radiostation. It is not the era that is important for a good format, it is the combination of the music in a no error flow. Keep your mind fresh and clear with the most positive music of all time. Forever Gold, the soundtrack of your life. Have fun and enjoy.

Peter (Gold)

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